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Welcome to the DVCC MGA
The DVCC MGA is a volunteer, self-supporting organization dedicated to promoting collegiality in the community and enjoyment in the game of golf. We sponsor a number of tournaments and other activities during the year, fostering opportunities for social and business networks and community service. Membership is open to DVCC golf members. All skill levels are welcome and encouraged to participate. If you are interested in joining the DVCC MGA, please contact the DV golf shop or any of our MGA Board members for additional information.

On The Tee



We welcome 2014.  Although January has ushered in some unusually cold temperatures, warm yourselves with the thoughts of our upcoming golf calendar. The MGA has again planned a great season of exciting and enjoyable golf tournaments as well as numerous culinary events that will please your palates.

Of course, all of this is possible by the action of many different groups. We are extremely grateful to the many generous sponsors whose financial support allows us to keep our member costs low and the quality of our events high. We would not exist without the tireless efforts of our many volunteers that set up the golf and food events and make sure that nothing is forgotten. And finally, all of this is done with the hard work of our club. The pro staff, the food and beverage staff and the golf course maintenance staff under the guidance of our general manager ensure that all events run smoothly. We thank all of these groups.

As you have seen from some of our previous emails, we are always looking for more help. Please help us help you by volunteering in any way you can. If you check the schedule on this site, you can see that we have an ambitious and complete agenda for this coming season. Many of the events are familiar and are formats that have worked well in the past.

There are a few changes that we have made in order to enhance the product that is presented. The first change is in the Wilson Cup. We are going back to the “one and done” format within each flight with the second place finisher qualifying for the shoot-out to make the championship flight in either the senior or non-senior flight. The second change will be in the Lions vs. Lambs tournament. Here, all participants will use the green tees with their green tee handicap. The final change will occur in the Palmer Cup, our two day member-member event. There will now be two flights based on age, with the winners of each flight’s shoot-out, meeting for the final championship. We hope that these changes will be agreeable to most and that the spirit of camaraderie and sportsmanship that the MGA fosters will be well served.

We hope to see you all at as many events as possible and remember to sign up early to insure participation. Good luck to all.

Bob Borgia
MGA President, 2014


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The MGA is extraordinarily grateful for the tremendous support received from our sponsors for the 2014 golf season. Each provides a tremendous series of products and services. We encourage you to demonstrate your thanks by patronizing them whenever possible. And, don't forget to let them know that you are using their services because of the support they provide to the MGA.
For 2014 our sponsors include:
Season Long Platinum Sponsor
Season Long Beverage Cart Sponsor
Meal Sponsors
Season Long Keg Sponsor
Cart Sponsors
Hole Sponsors
Friends of the MGA
Steve Fox
Individual Keg Sponsors
Joe Bamford
Mike Coughlin
Cliff Dillon
Dennis Gates
Tom Griffith and The Classic Spotlight Band
Chris Hart
George McLamb
Kenny Mitchell
Eric and George Paris